Six Habits You Must Avoid in 2019 to become the Owner of Your Dream House

To purchase Real Estate requires that you invest huge sums of money and this has discouraged many young men and women from investing into Real Estate. Perhaps, you are earning some good money as a young man or woman, but you are still waiting for the day you would start earning huge sums of money... Continue Reading →

“I have to buy a house!!!…or do I? Buying vs Renting a house”

I couldn’t put my finger on it, but the Smoothie tasted better than usual. I was in no way going to let my friend who was trying to persuade me to get a Range Rover over a G-wagon disturb my Saturday afternoon underneath this Acacia wood summer hut. Suddenly, I was brought back to my... Continue Reading →


‘’…this apartment has three bedrooms, two washrooms, a spacious living and dining area, don’t even get me started on the view; it has one of the amazing skylines the city has to offer. Everyone wants it! You will be lucky to have it….’’ Here is a typical line out of the agent’s text book to... Continue Reading →

“Architectural Tourism” by Eunice Peterson

The beautiful architectural master pieces found all over the world have been born out of innovation, creativity and a love for the art. The very reason that it attracts millions of people from around the world, drawing domestics and international tourists to themselves.

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