It’s not only about the money; Why Ghanaians Avoid Mortgages

Housing is expensive and the most tasking singular expense many households ever bear. As such, most people who are unable to afford outright purchase resort to any of the following – mortgages, incremental housing, housing associations, informal loans and crowdfunding.   For the average Ghanaian, mortgages represent an alternative that is far too expensive and impractical,Continue reading “It’s not only about the money; Why Ghanaians Avoid Mortgages”

What You Should Know About Flipping In Real Estate

You might have heard about how lucrative and satisfying flipping is on several occasions and how people like Scott Yancey, his wife Amie Yancey and their goliath company have made a great deal of fame and fortunes through their televised ‘flipping Vegas’ show, which has since been successfully replicated by other shows in other partsContinue reading “What You Should Know About Flipping In Real Estate”

Our Fore-Fathers Were Their Own Interior Decorators

It would amaze you to know that while most of us tout interior designs to be something of the contemporary world of real estate, the idea of decorating rooms had always been in existence.Yes! Our fore-fathers were their own interior designers.In Ghana, our fore-fathers used various elements of nature to beautify their spaces: They UsedContinue reading “Our Fore-Fathers Were Their Own Interior Decorators”

There’s Actually More to Property Valuation than You Thought

One evening, I was at the living area just scrolling through some chats. Ama was sitting next to me whilst on the phone with Adwoa. I was trying so hard to mind my business. However, I could not help but eavesdrop on their conversation. The conversation was actually about selling property. Ama was advising AdwoaContinue reading “There’s Actually More to Property Valuation than You Thought”