5 Popular Monumental Buildings in Accra

Monumental buildings carry stories of conservation and the heritage of society. They reflect the extent of influence of the past on the present urban landscape. In Accra, many monumental buildings are linked to colonial rule and independence. Many of these monumental buildings are centered around Osu and Jamestown. Here are 5 popular monumental buildings inContinue reading “5 Popular Monumental Buildings in Accra”

Four Things to Know about REITs in Ghana

Author: Makafui Kuffo My previous article on REITs has sparked interests on REITs with interesting questions surrounding the existence of REITs in Ghana and in Africa. Although REITs are relatively underdeveloped in Africa when compared to global listed public REIT markets, they do exist in Africa. REITs exist in African countries such as Nigeria, Kenya,Continue reading “Four Things to Know about REITs in Ghana”

REITs are Creating Young Property Investors. Here is Why.

Author: Makafui Kuffo For many of us who may want to invest in real estate but cannot afford the huge sums of money involved in acquiring a property, investing in a REIT is an easy way to invest in property without having to pay all the money required to own a property. Similarly, people whoContinue reading “REITs are Creating Young Property Investors. Here is Why.”

Green Bonds Market in Ghana? – Yay or Nay?

Author: Makafui Kuffo Over the past few years, the impact of climate change in our world has led to the introduction of several approaches to ensure environmental sustainability. One key approach among the several measures has been the concept of green finance which seeks to ensure that more financial resources are channeled into investments thatContinue reading “Green Bonds Market in Ghana? – Yay or Nay?”