REITs are Creating Young Property Investors. Here is Why.

Author: Makafui Kuffo For many of us who may want to invest in real estate but cannot afford the huge sums of money involved in acquiring a property, investing in a REIT is an easy way to invest in property without having to pay all the money required to own a property. Similarly, people whoContinue reading “REITs are Creating Young Property Investors. Here is Why.”

Green Bonds Market in Ghana? – Yay or Nay?

Author: Makafui Kuffo Over the past few years, the impact of climate change in our world has led to the introduction of several approaches to ensure environmental sustainability. One key approach among the several measures has been the concept of green finance which seeks to ensure that more financial resources are channeled into investments thatContinue reading “Green Bonds Market in Ghana? – Yay or Nay?”

Post Covid Real Estate Investment in Accra – Fears and Opportunities

Author: Makafui Kuffo For the past few months, businesses, governments and organisations have had to re-strategize in a manner that anyone could barely anticipate. Like every other country in the world, Ghana suffered the effect of the global pandemic.  The prices of major commodities declined unexpectedly and there was a decline in trade volumes. AtContinue reading “Post Covid Real Estate Investment in Accra – Fears and Opportunities”

Am I Spending Too Much on Housing?

Author: Albert Ahiadu Housing is often too expensive for the average household to purchase outright. In developing countries like Ghana, people often resort to mortgages, informal loans, housing associations, incremental housing or simply renting. Regardless of the preferred method, it is important to keep track of how much is spent because it is usually theContinue reading “Am I Spending Too Much on Housing?”