Remittances are classically defined as monetary funds sent by individuals working abroad to recipients in their home country. Here in Ghana, it is a very common practice to have relatives abroad send money to family members to build or purchase family homes. Such monies are usually sent to trusted family members with the thought thatContinue reading “OUR ‘BORGAS’ AND THEIR HOME CONTRACTORS”

Just Because They’re Cute❤

Oh my love for architecture, I just love the idea of someone transforming plain bricks, sandcrete blockSELRES_69b94ac3-a067-4381-9b48-7862ef6d407cSELRES_69b94ac3-a067-4381-9b48-7862ef6d407cs, mortar, glass and wood into something so creative, artistic, innovative, catchy and pleasing to the eye. A masterpiece I may say. I always had the passion to become an architect since the age of 6. I said toContinue reading “Just Because They’re Cute❤”

The Colour of Your Room Painting Says a Lot About You

When I had my first daughter, Xola, it was not a joy just to me, but a great source of happiness to the entire squad…. my husband, Kofi…. my siblings, Dela and Norkplim…. and my mum, Obaa Yaa. And of course! Nordey Chupey, my mother-in-law who made sure I drunk all the bitter concoctions justContinue reading “The Colour of Your Room Painting Says a Lot About You”