A good number of us dream about being owners of beautiful homes. We admire nature. We work hard at achieving our dreams.

I must confess, nature is beautiful! The seas, trees, mountains are housed in the beautiful arms of land. Land remains a very important commodity of life. It is a home to all the beauty we see in our world. Most of our dreams materialize on land as buildings, farms, etc. We spend most of our lives in buildings. From the house to work, to school, to church to factories, shopping malls, recreational centers, conference centers, terminals among others.

Land use and management is at the heart of poverty eradication, food security, gender equality, water management, decent work, sustainable cities, ending climate change and protecting biodiversity directly or indirectly. Land rights determine social status, women empowerment and survival or destruction of cultures, especially of indigenous people (Jeffrey Sachs, 2017)

Saasepedia is here to bring information on land, specifically property management, building construction, market research, valuation, estate agency, land law, real estate finance, real estate investment at your doorstep.

Stay connected as we bring you interesting and educative articles. Please  remember to comment anytime you read an item on this blog,  as your feedbacks go a long way to encourage and inspire us to delve into areas of your interest.

Stay Saasewise!

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