The art of cooking requires the use of the right cooking utensils and cutlery to serve the right dish. It would be an epic failure to use a spatula to serve soup. I can bet that the whole kitchen will become a mess right after this. Please do not try this at home!!!!! Well I was just trying to paint a picture in your mind. Just as serving soup with a spatula would be an error, using the wrong type of tiles for a space in property would seem likewise. In order not to beat about the bush too much, the cusp of the write-up is to guide you in making the right choice in selecting tiles for any space in an edifice.
The first on the list will be ceramic tiles. These tiles are made of red or white clay biscuit with a decorative glaze applied to its surface. Ceramic tiles are best suited for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. This is because they are durable and easy to clean given the nature of activities carried out in a typical kitchen or bathroom accompanied with water splashing, traces of soap and food stains. They are relatively cheap as well.


The second is porcelain, which is a type of ceramic tile. However, it is more durable and less porous than ceramic tiles. Porcelain is a good choice for residences and properties which attract high human traffic such as airports, retail centres and restaurants because of its strong resistance to abrasion. Hate to burst your bubble but it is quite expensive.


Another type is marble tiles. They are natural stones with an aesthetic component to them and are popularly used for kitchen tops, living areas and bedroom areas. In the ancient days, marble was a sign of wealth and prominence making it more fitting to be used for famous buildings such as the Washington DC monument and the USA’s Supreme Court building. On the flip side, they are very costly and require a high level of maintenance however they add a touch elegance and classiness to a building.


Teracotta tiles as the name goes means baked earth. It has a tactile finish and warmth colour. Terracotta is a relatively old building material nevertheless it is hard wearing and durable when treated. Popularly used in pantries, hallways and a variety of interiors. The downside to it is that it cracks easily as it is porous.


Also, mosaic tiles could be another option for your home. They constitute a combination of glass, ceramic, porcelain or stone. Mosaic is best used as a backsplash to your kitchen or bathroom or as a border to your flooring design. Vinyl tiles are also the most commonly used in bathrooms. It is easy to install and eco-friendly since it is reusable. It’s less prone to cracks and breaking. Mainly most people use it because of its lower in cost as compared to ceramic tiles.



I will end with one important factor to consider when choosing tiles and that is choose a tile that will match with the colour of your space. We do not want anyone to become colour blind after visiting your home. Lol.
I believe that in choosing the right tile for the right space one is able to maximize the use of building spaces, ensure safety and build at an affordable cost.

Until next time see you guys later.

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