Six Habits You Must Avoid in 2019 to become the Owner of Your Dream House


To purchase Real Estate requires that you invest huge sums of money and this has discouraged many young men and women from investing into Real Estate. Perhaps, you are earning some good money as a young man or woman, but you are still waiting for the day you would start earning huge sums of money before considering investing into Real Estate. Your inability to save enough money for your dream home has little to do with what you earn. What you should consider working on is your discipline in spending and knowing where to channel your investments. How about starting today?

You Can Actually Start Your Journey towards Home Ownership Today by Doing Away with Certain Habits in 2019!

Here are 6 Habits You Should Drop in order to become the home owner you have always desired to be:

1.  Avoid Borrowing Money Especially from Sources That Require High Interest Payments:


If you are into the habit of borrowing, especially from sources that require high interests, you should put a stop to it this year. This is because, you may end up using subsequent earnings to pay off debts when you could have saved that money towards building your dream house. In the long run, the interest you pay for the borrowed money would have done you a lot of good if you had saved it.

2. Avoid Spending Monies You Have Not Set a Budget for:


Endeavour to set a budget for every money you earn. With this, you can make provisions for Real Estate and stay away from spending unnecessarily. A money that has no budget would get finished before you know it. Develop the discipline of creating budgets for every money you earn.

3. Stop Procrastinating the Building Project:


Do not procrastinate the building project. Perhaps, you have enough money to get started with the building project but you still feel the time is still not right. The truth is that you will hardly find a better time. Start today. The prices of building materials will not decrease in the future, neither will the price of land nor would contractors decrease their service charges.

4. Addictions Such As Gambling, Smoking and Drinking Can Be a Drain on Your Income:


Addictions such as gambling, smoking and drinking are a big drain on income. Addictions are such that, the more you satisfy the craving, the more you want more of it. They can be a drain on your income and a hindrance to your home ownership. Dedicate some time and resources to quitting such addictions. All of the money spent on these addictions could be saved towards your building project.

5. Do Not Spend Income without Setting a Percentage Aside for Real Estate Investment:


When you are creating your budget, always dedicate a percentage of your earnings to real estate investments. Explore some good investment funds for your future real estate and invest into them.

6. Avoid Impulse Purchasing:


Finally, you should avoid impulse buying. Do not develop the habit of buying items you have not planned to buy as this is a drain on your income.

Your dream house doesn’t have to remain fictional. It can always become a reality as long as you work towards it

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