“Architectural Tourism” by Eunice Peterson


Today’s write-up is a guest post by Eunice Peterson, a writer and one of our cherished readers. Do check her bio and the end of the write-up

Fancy a trip to Dubai to see the Burj Khalifa or to have a breath taking view of Manhattan at the top of the 30 Rockefeller plaza or even climb up the Empire state building in New York? and for the French lovers to see and have a beautiful time at the Eiffel tower in the city of light?

You might fancy something traditional, then the Larabanga mosque in the Northern region of Ghana might just be your take.

If you fancy any of these mentioned then get ready to be set up for the best architectural tourism experience of your life.

Did I hear someone just ask what in the world is that? But yeah you read right. You are about to be geared up for an architectural tourism experience. You probably have had thoughts of it or even engaged in it at one point or another without knowing what it was.

Don’t worry, that’s why we are here, to give you all the gist about what it is and how to experience it.

The beautiful architectural master pieces found all over the world have been born out of innovation, creativity and a love for the art. The very reason that it attracts millions of people from around the world, drawing domestics and international tourists to themselves.

eiffel tower

Architectural tourism is simply architecture as a tourist attraction. It includes everything from historic monuments to exotic holiday destinations.

Temples have been built in honor of the gods and grand theaters, stadiums, the Colosseum in Rome and other monumental public buildings attract large crowds as features pull together certain culture in the society in which they are found. Architecture is an expression of lifestyle and the spirit of the times in which they arise.

Here in Ghana, our numerous forts and castles such as fort Saint Jago, the orange fort, fort San Sebastian, fort Santo Antonio, the famous Cape Coast and Elmina castles among others are great examples of architectural tourism facilities. These monuments have received thousands of visitors from within the country and more so from the diaspora. They hold a history and heritage so dear to its visitors that many keep making repeat visits.

One architectural master piece is Nzulezo – the village on stilts. This world heritage site has survived despite the conditions surrounding it and remains a beautiful experience for them that visit, showing that anything is possible in the world of architecture.

In the north, the Larabanga mosque, a unique feature of the one of the largest regions in Ghana is a must see for anyone who takes a trip to the region. Its unique architectural features is a depiction of the brilliance of ancient civilization although the building has been attached to superstitious believes.

All around us there are beautiful works of architectural art that can be taped into and enjoyed as tourism facilities. Many economies such as Dubai are taking advantage of it, putting up eye-catching, unique structures that gives them a competitive advantage in the field of tourism.

Many tourists are globe hopping, searching for an experience in with architecture.

When are you starting your adventure? Which buildings will you like to visit?

You have already set yourself on the path, do share with us which places you have been.

The ball is in your court……. Have a saasetechtural experience. Lol.

Ps: in case you were wondering what saasetechtural is, it means an architectural experience inspired by saasepedia.


About the Author
Eunice Peterson is a graduate of Culture & Tourism from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology (KNUST) and is currently pursuing a Master’s Programme in International Business at Bangor University in Wales. She is the C.E.O of Purple Glaze Events. Eunice has a strong passion for reading and writes in her free time.

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