Whether you live in your own apartment or you’re renting, you might have at one point in your life, been the tenant of a house or encountered a number of tenants. Based on our experiences in Ghana, we hereby present to you, the types of tenants you’re likely to encounter.
The Noisy Tenant:


These types of tenants are everywhere. They are always either making noise with their sound systems, shouting on top of their voices or have loud volumes on their TV sets. They just hate to have some quiet around them. They always make sure there is something noisy happening. They almost always have something to celebrate. They find everything worth celebrating with noise. I mean everything; the birthday of their puppy, the wedding anniversary of their chicken, almost anything you can imagine. They are the ones who block roads for their countless events. They never stop celebrating. To them, without noise, life does not exist.
But hey, don’t get it twisted. They are very useful sometimes. Their ability to create a sense of presence prevents burglaries.

The Fashionista Tenant

These tenants pimp their rooms so well and no matter how small their rooms are, they stuff them with the most expensive fridges, Big TV sets, washing machines, you name it. You can find just anything in their rooms. They always dress on point. They are the ones whose cars are 5x more expensive than their rent.
The Landlord’s Friend

images (2)
They are also known as the Telephones without wires. “Telephone No Wire”. You just can’t fathom how they get to be friends with their landlords but Mr. Telephone No Wire will always get to occupy a very vital position in the life of his landlord. They always keep their landlords updated about the lives of other tenants. They know everyone’s run-down in the neighbourhood. They know your Boss in your office. They even know your children’s’ WASSCE results, even before they write it. They Know How You Met Your Wife. They know exactly what you will eat in the evening even before the sun rises. They know everything. They come under the pretext of showing concern. They be like. How are you? How are the Kids? Oh Hmm.
When you hear them asking such questions, know that Mr. Telephone No Wire is at it again. They are on a mission, carefully gathering data around.
Mr. Telephone No Wire becomes very important to the neighbourhood and their landlords. They are extremely useful when it comes to investigating criminal cases. They also serve as information disseminating tools in the neighborhood. They will FILL YOU IN!
The Dirty Tenant

images (1)

The Dirty Tenants are the ones who wash their plates once in a week and wash their clothes once in a month. Their rooms are always stuffy because they are the busiest people that happened to mother earth. They’re busier than the president and the UN Secretary General. They will do everything but cleaning. Their garbage can be there for decades and no one cares. Don’t even try to talk to them concerning their dirty attitude. You will receive the insult of your life.
The Gifters

I just love this type because they are too sweet. They are the ones who give your children candies from time to time. They will present hampers to their neighbours during festive seasons. They take care of your kids when you aren’t around. They will sweep the frontage of your house when you have travelled. They are naturally kindhearted.
The Tenant Who Is Never at Home
There is another category of tenants you meet once in a year. They are almost always not around. You sometimes forget they live in the neighbourhood till you meet them once in a year. When you meet them, thank your stars and discuss whatever you have to discuss with them immediately because, the next time you will see them is exactly a year later. They are always not around to make decisions relating to the neighbourhood, among others. Most of their neighbours usually wonder why they pay rents.
The Preacher

images (3)
They are the ones who corner you to advise you and your family. They will tell you how they saw your son smoking, how they saw your daughter kissing a sugar daddy and tell you how heavenly and saintly their children are. Surprisingly, it often happens that, their kids are the ones who happen to bring a lot of surprises our way. All of a sudden, you’ll see Virgin Mary’s daughter getting pregnant after S.H.S when she is not married, upon all the preaching daddy has given to neighbours.
These tenants are equally very important because they ensure good morals in the neighbourhood and keep your children in check when you are not around.
The LaBorrow Tenant


For these types of tenants, their borrowing skills is on a whole new level. They virtually have nothing. They borrow everything. When they knock at your door, they chat with you so nicely and tell you how they had gone to the market earlier on during the day. They will tell you all those they met at the market place. Then in conclusion, tell you how they forgot to buy salt. And then, finally make their request known to you. They always seem to forget to buy something.
The Talkative

téléchargement (2).jpg
When Madam Talkative grabs you, Dead Is You. They fail to notice signs of your lack of interest in whatever story they have to tell you. They always have something to talk about. The day you fall in their net, YOU. WILL. SWEAT.


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