The Collapse of Accra Mall is the Price You Pay for Poor Property Management

Earlier today, we had the news that one section of Accra Mall, the first large-scale shopping mall in Ghana had collapsed. I am particularly worried about our security as citizens in public buildings. What could cause such an atrocity in a building that is managed by one of the biggest property management firms in the country?


Can we walk into public buildings without the fear of such atrocities?

What could be the reason behind this?

Was the maintenance team doing routine inspections to know the condition of the building on a regular basis or they sat in their offices and assumed every part of the building was on point?

Had the maintenance team seen the defect and kept on procrastinating? Perhaps, waiting for the worse to occur before taking action? I bet they never expected this surprise.

Had the tenants noticed warning signs and refused to report to the maintenance team?

Or it has to do with the usual song of inadequate funds to carry out major renovation works?

I strongly believe that proactive measures towards maintenance could curb such mishaps.

Proactive maintenance, my people, Proactive maintenance. Ghanaians like last minute interventions too much. Last minute interventions are slowly killing us.

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