The Colour of Your Room Painting Says a Lot About You

When I had my first daughter, Xola, it was not a joy just to me, but a great source of happiness to the entire squad…. my husband, Kofi…. my siblings, Dela and Norkplim…. and my mum, Obaa Yaa. And of course! Nordey Chupey, my mother-in-law who made sure I drunk all the bitter concoctions just to ensure I had a healthy baby.

As happy as we were to have our baby, the entire squad wanted to have little Xola in their homes. Unfortunately, as many welcomed little Xola to their homes, not all were lucky enough to have her feel welcomed in their homes. Our experience at Nordey Chupey’s house still remains fresh on my mind.

Anytime we went to Nordey Chupey’s house, Xola would cry so aggressively. We just couldn’t figure out why she cried so hard anytime we were in Nordey Chupey’s house. It could be very embarrassing to myself and Kofi. Were the flowers not beautiful enough? Was granny not receptive enough, were there not enough dolls in the house? What could be the reason behind this?  We realized she cried even louder as we entered granny’s bedroom. What could be the reason?

Then during the Christmas festivities, Grandma Chupey decided to change her wall painting.

So it’s been Granny’s wall painting all this while! We should have known earlier.

If you think wall paintings have no effects on our minds and emotions, try locking yourself up in a small room with black wall painting for a couple of hours. Try that in the same size of room with a white painting.

Wall paintings have effects on our minds and our emotions.

What Your Wall Painting Says About You…….

Today we’d want to educate ourselves on certain primary colours and their effects on our minds and our emotions:


IMG_7766Source: Google Images

Red is known to be a colour that arouses emotions. It arouses passion and romance. Red can increase excitement and alert the mind of danger. It could even increase a person’s appetite when used as wall painting in the kitchen


IMG_7767Source: Google Images

Research has shown that the colour, yellow makes babies cry. This is because the colour can be irritable in its darker shade. When a lighter shade of Yellow is used for wall painting, it arouses happiness, makes the mind perceive sunshine as brighter and arouses optimism.


IMG_7768Source: Google Images

Green is the most restful colour. Think of nature. Think of the vegetation, fertility, wealth. And they’re all summarized in the colour, green. It creates a feeling of calmness in our rooms and is best suited for the bedroom environment and home offices.


IMG_7769Source: Google Images

The colour, blue is said to stimulate creativity. Too much blue would make a person moody.

Blue in the dining room stimulates appetite.


IMG_7770Source: Google Images

The colour creates a feeling of Royalty. To give your room that Queenly or Kingly feel, the colour performs the function excellently.

Remember that every colour in its darker shade would make a room look smaller, whilst a colour in its lighter shade would make a room look bigger.


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17 thoughts on “The Colour of Your Room Painting Says a Lot About You

    1. Sure.
      White wall paintings make rooms appear wider and brighter. However, they cause afterimages after a long stare especially after the eye has come into contact with the sun. They also create a feeling of calmness in rooms

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    1. Sure Jonathan. Once you make your choice of colour, the next thing is what you place in the room. This usually depends on individual differences. As some people would love to have so much space in their rooms, others wouldn’t. These should inform the choice of items placed in a room. Personally, I’d advise that you try to keep the room as spacious as possible.

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