7 Reasons Why Life In a Luxury Apartment Can be Pretty Much Exciting

My grand mum used to say “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, different strokes for different folks or one man’s meat is another man’s poison”. She was just trying to help me understand that different things appeal to different people. In this context I would say that your choice of residence depends on you!!!! “You” meaning your personality, preferences, priorities and in some cases your finances. Luxury Apartments (Condominiums) come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Here are 7 reasons why you may want to live in luxury apartments (condominiums)

1. Regular Maintenance

Most luxury apartments have an on-site maintenance team which sees to the proper upkeep of the building and addresses physical faults and defects of the building. This saves the owner time from going to outsource someone for the work to be done because an in-house team is just a call away.

regular maintenanceSource: Google

2. Good Location

I must admit that most of these high rise apartments have been strategically situated in the centre of Accra. Places like Villagio, Polo Courts and just to mention a few are all close to all centres of commerce and recreational areas.

good locSource: Google

3. Access to an array of amenities

A good number of these high rise buildings provide residents with communal facilities such as gyms, swimming pools and restaurants.  When residents patronize these facilities they are able to meet new people, network and establish long lasting friendships.

amenitiesSource: Google

4. Safety and security

Most of these apartments are built with strong security systems such as cctv cameras, finger print access systems and manned with security personnel. This makes residents assured of their safety and protection of their possessions.

safety and securitySource: Google

5. Cheaper insurance

Because Insurance is catered for by the entire Condominium Community, it is cheaper to insure luxury apartments

insuranceSource: Google

6. Prestige

Living in condos come with the “feel good” factor attached to it. The prestige attached to living in condos, combined with the serene atmosphere makes it a preferred option to most people.


Source: Google

7.It is Easier to Own a Luxury Apartment than to Build

The hustle that comes with building yourself has made luxury apartments a preferred choice to many

easierSource: Google

Despite these and many other exciting facts about living in an apartment, they are not without disadvantages. Here are a few of them

    Problematic Neighbours

In every group of people there are bad nuts. In as much as the apartment style of living provides a sense of community it can also be a nuisance to tenants when there are deviant neighbours who make so much noise and flout rules.

luxury apartmentSource: Google

Lack of personal outdoor space

When we talk about outdoor space we are referring to gardening space where you can cultivate beautiful plants and add an aesthetic touch to your apartment. Most of these high arise apartments do not accommodate this feature which is a disadvantage to people with a green thumb.

This is an overview of the apartment kind of living and we hope you will be able to make the best decision.

Stay informed as Saasepedia, enlightens  you more on the acquisition procedure for apartments.





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