High Rise Buildings, The Beauty Spots of Our City!

High Rise Buildings, The Beauty Spots of Our City!

Growing up in the village was about a good start to life for myself and a couple of friends who sat through the Social Studies class of Mr. Koku. By the time I got to Form 2, I was much convinced that Social Studies was my favourite subject. I remember reading about interesting places in Accra like the Osu Castle which was then, the seat of government, the parliament house, the Supreme Court, among others. Sadly, we only saw these in our textbooks. I specifically remember how Mr. Koku would stand in front of the class to tell us stories about his life in the beautiful city of Accra. I kept having dreams of living in Accra till the year 2013, when my dreams finally materialized. I gained admission to study Political Science and Geography in the University of Ghana.

Villaggio-Vista_Accra1-1Source: Google

My First Day in Accra

Accra looked even more beautiful than what I saw in the textbooks. I had the opportunity of riding through areas like the Airport precinct, Cantonments and East Legon. All I could see was Beauty in different shapes! As I looked at these High Rise buildings in different styles and designs, what more could I say? They were definitely the city’s beauty spots. Some of these buildings were actually people’s residences known as apartments. This had ever since, increased my curiosity about apartments.

circle interchangeSource: Google

No matter how bad you think Ghana looks, high rise buildings are still creating a number of beauty spots in the city.

High Rise Buildings, The Beauty Spots of Our City!

Why Are We Seeing So Many High Rise Buildings Around, Especially in Accra These Days

The population of Accra is rapidly increasing due to rural –urban migration. Most people in Accra are in search of “greener pastures”. It is popularly said that Accra provides a lot of employment opportunities and it is the land of prosperity. Accra is termed as the hub of commercial activities because most businesses, workplaces and shops are located in the capital city. In view of this, many employees, employers, tourists, expatriates would want to live closer to where everything is happening like their workplaces , areas to do business transactions, tourist attractions and good recreational centres just to eat and have fun. All these factors have led to an increase in demand of land in Accra. The increase in demand for land has also led to an increase in the population of high rise buildings. High rise buildings have become specifically predominant in prime areas, where the demand for land far outweighs the supply of land. In response to the ever increasing demand for land in such areas, prudent real estate developers venture into development of high rise buildings to serve as measure to increase the supply of land or ensure that the highest and best use of land is attained. It is therefore not surprising to see so many high rise buildings these days in Ghana, especially in the city of Accra.Accra-night-lifeSource: Google

With an increase in high rise buildings, condominiums, which are also known as luxury apartments have become very popular. A good number of these luxury apartments such as the Villaggio Apartments, PLS Apartments, Hallmark residences, Jaria Apartments, among others have become very popular household names in Accra.

But why do people opt to live in luxury apartments?

Stay Connected as Saasepedia brings you reasons why people prefer to live in condos.

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